Advisory Board

The advisory board for the CHA provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of our horticultural scientific process.  The members are accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.  They periodically review the quality and relevance of the scientific and technical information being presented in this website. Feel free to browse their own services by clicking their logo below.

Moriah LaChapell is a Licensed Pesticide Consultant specializing in biological control of insects and biorational pesticides.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Western Oregon University and a Professional Viticulture Certificate from Washington State University.  She has a background in ornamental horticulture, greenhouse production and viticulture

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Matthew Gates is a crop consultant focusing primarily on the field of phytopathology, pest-plant relationships, and Integrated Pest Management. As a labor of passion, he has worked in this capacity since 2010, building a personal database of best practices and pest references. You can find him on Instagram as @synchangel and on YouTube as Zenthanol.

Taylor Readyhough is currently completing his M.S. in Plant & Soil Science at the University of Vermont. He has worked several years in the commercial cultivation of medical cananbis before returning for his masters degree. He is currently investigating the impact different organic amendments have on soil microbiological communities and the subsequent impact on plant health.