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Our membership is a premier package for individuals, professionals and businesses to take part in supporting and expanding their knowledge to develop the scientific understanding for cultivating the highest grade cannabis in the most sustainable fashion. Member funding goes to support the expansion of our database as well as conduct outreach to promote ecologically sound management for the cannabis industry. Our online resource center currently covers three broad categories of Integrated Pest Management, Integrated Nutrient Management & BioControls. The current content is heavily built around IPM and pest/pathogen management and is expanding into living soils, regenerative methodologies and organic management. The forum is a private community that only members will have access to. This forum is run by admin with degrees in varying scientific fields. They are highly adept at networking with other peer scientists, growers and businesses to get your questions answered. If you can't find your answer in our database, ask an admin on the forum*.

Current Page Listings

integrated pest management

biocontrols• biopesticides •biochemical fungicides • biochemical insecticides • botanical extracts pesticides • microbial insecticides • microbial fungicides • microbial insecticides • organic processing• mixed path antagonism • indirect antagonism • direct antagonism • microbial antagonists • potassium salts • sulfur-elemental • chemical fungicides • chemical insecticides • organic chemical controls • beauveria bassiana • isaria fumosorosea • trichoderma • streptomyces • chromobacterium subtsugae • bacillus pumilus • bacillus subtilis • bacillus thuringiensis • enzymes • mineral oil • diatomaceous earth • potassium silicate • vegetable oils • garlic • giant knotweed • neem • pyrethrum • plant essential oils • minerals

pest management

whiteflies • thrips • spider mites • slugs-snails • russet mites • root aphids • cyst nematodes • leaf miners • fungus gnats • deer • caterpillars •broad mites • aphids • leaf hoppers • symphylans

pathogen management

damping-off • gray mold • powdery mildew • fusarium

beneficial insects

predatory insects • attracting beneficial insects • steinernema feltiae • neoseiulus californicus • neoseiulus fallacis • stratiolaelaps scimitus • amblyseius swirskii • amblyseius andersoni • phytoseiulus persimilis • pirate bugs • green lacewing • parasitoid wasps • ladybeetles

integrated Nutrient  Management

soil classification • soil biology • soil chemistry • soil amendments • biofertilizers • additives • nutrients • sodium • cobalt • chlorine • copper • manganese • nickel • boron • molybdenum • silicon • zinc • iron • sulfur • magnesium • calcium • potassium • phosphorus • nitrogen

living soils

companion planting • compost tea • cover-crops • sprouted seed teas

this membership is an interactive digital resource center that will be constantly expanding the online database. Please be aware that as new information emerges, new pages will be added and a few pages will be under construction. We will send out quarterly newsletters to inform members of any updated content.

If you are one the first 100 members to sign up, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a 5 disc dvd series on soil microbiology from EARTHFORT!!! This dvd set is four hours and thirty five minutes total run time and has a retail value of $75. With this series you receive an understanding of:

  • Practical Soil Microbiology – basics on bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes and how they impact all plants.
  • Compost Production – methods and materials to make compost and recognition of good and bad quality.
  • Compost Tea and Alternatives – proper production methods/equipment, with what ingredients, timing and limitations.
  • Biologically Based Pest Management – learn the many ways to encourage good bugs and discourage pests naturally.
  • Ecological Succession – primary/secondary succession, stages of plant succession and which plants grow best in each stage.

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