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Our content membership is a premier package for individuals, professionals and businesses to take part in supporting and expanding their knowledge to develop the scientific understanding for cultivating the highest grade cannabis in the most sustainable fashion. Our online resource center currently covers three broad categories of Integrated Pest Management, Integrated Nutrient Management & BioControls. Within those categories are a range of fields including but not limited to: pest and pathogen management, predatory insects, biochemical pesticides, microbial pesticides, organic chemical controls, soil chemistry, soil biology, soil physiology, nutrients, additives and a forum to discuss these methodologies and expound on other topics. The current content is heavily built around IPM and pest/pathogen management and is expanding into the realms of biodynamic and regenerative horticulture. The forum is a private community that only members will have access to. This forum is run by admin with degrees in varying scientific fields. They are highly adept at networking with other peer scientists, growers and businesses to get your questions answered. If you can't find your answer in our database, ask an admin on the forum*.

This video gives you an inside look at the content of our membership. With over 100 pages on horticultural management, our membership is an actively growing database that caters to member driven content.


Supporting members provide the necessary funding for us to continue spreading the importance of best management practices in the fields organic, regenerative and biodynamic horticulture. Member funding goes to support our outreach program to promote ecologically sound management for the cannabis industry through our magazine articles and speaking engagements. In addition, supporting members will receive a quarterly newsletter.

Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter contains topics of interest to the community and innovations throughout the industry. We will have product spotlights from companies who we feel do an exemplary job of maintaining sound ecological standards. Additionally we provide summaries on horticultural trends relating to organic farming, biological controls, integrated pest management as well as the ever present interest of increasing yields and boosting cannabinoid levels. Finally we will discuss important regulatory issues that relate to state agricultural management. This special edition newsletter is only distributed to our members community.

Members also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and promote their expertise by submitting articles to be selected for our blog.


If you are one the first 100 members to sign up, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a 5 disc dvd series on soil microbiology from EARTHFORT!!! This dvd set is four hours and thirty five minutes total run time and has a retail value of $75. With this series you receive an understanding of:

  • Practical Soil Microbiology – basics on bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes and how they impact all plants.
  • Compost Production – methods and materials to make compost and recognition of good and bad quality.
  • Compost Tea and Alternatives – proper production methods/equipment, with what ingredients, timing and limitations.
  • Biologically Based Pest Management – learn the many ways to encourage good bugs and discourage pests naturally.
  • Ecological Succession – primary/secondary succession, stages of plant succession and which plants grow best in each stage.

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