The Cannabis Horticultural Association Membership Packages


It all started when...

Farmers from Humboldt County started asking serious questions about plant science. Questions ranging from boosting yields to mitigating some of the nastiest pests and diseases known to cannabis. Problems like fusarium, russet mites, unknown viruses and even common ones like powdery mildew and botrytis were causing serious concerns among the farmers. Not only that, but with stringent analytical testing rapidly phasing into the medical and recreational markets, testing clean now became a hot topic.

It became strikingly obvious that this was not just a problem here in Humboldt, but also across the country and around the world. While the current internet forums did contain substantial amounts of information, parsing through the data was tedious and did not always guarantee proper identification or treatment. Furthermore, the lack of credible scientific studies have left majors gap to be filled to research the horticultural side of this plant.

The founders of the CHA have teamed up to provide a highly specialized membership package for individuals, professionals and businesses.

The CHA strives to be the authoritative and first choice for people seeking education and research based on objective information for sustainable management practices.