PEST management for cannabis

There are a number of species of insects and mammals that attack cannabis.  That includes Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.  We strive to provide a comprehensive overview of plant management, linking our resources the collegiate and state level.  Due to the relatively new emergence of this crop, some of cannabis horticultural science relies on applying data gathered from other crops.  If you cannot find an answer to your problem please direct it to the FORUM.


 Aphids - Broad Mites - Caterpillars - Cucumber Beetles - Deer - Fungus Gnats - Leaf Hoppers

Leaf Miners - Nematodes - Root Aphids - Russet Mites - Slugs & Snails -

Spider Mites - Symphylans - Thrips - Whiteflies

we will update this database as our research center grows. If you have a question regarding a pest, try using the search below or the forum