Predatory Insects

Predatory insects are an important component of Integrated Pest Management and organic cannabis production.


Target Pests

Aphids • Armyworm • Caterpillar Eggs • Greenhouse Whitefly • Leafhopper •Mealybug • Thrips • Spider Mites

predator mite (Phytoseiulus persimilis)

Target Pests

two-spotted spider mite eggs-nymphs, and adults


Fungus Gnat Predator Mite.jpg

predator mite (Stratiolaelaps scimitus)

target pests

Fungus Gnat Larvae • Pupating Thrips

Nematodes (steinernema feltiae)

Target Pests

Fungus gnats • Thrips • Leafminers


green lacewing

Target Pests

Aphids• Mealybugs • Spider mites • Leafhopper nymphs • Caterpillar eggs • Scales • Thrips • Whiteflies.

predator mite (Amblyseius andersoni)

Target Pests

Broad Mites • Cyclamen Mites • Russet Mites • Two-Spotted Spider Mites • Thrip Larvae



 predator mite (Neoseiulus californicus)

target pests

Spider Mites • Possibly Broad and Cyclamen Mites

parasitoid wasps

Target Pests


Minute Pirate Bug, Orius insidiosus.jpg

Pirate Bug

Target Pests

Thrips • Whiteflies • Spider Mites • Aphids.


Amblyseius swirskii

 predator mite (Amblyseius swirskii)

Target Pests

Broad Mites • Two-Spotted Spider Mites, Thrips • Whiteflies


predator mite (Neoseiulus fallacis)

Target pests

Broad Mites • Rust Mites • Cyclamen Mites • Spider Mites