The Cannabis Horticultural Association (CHA) is a professional group dedicated to bringing education, consulting and consumer awareness to cannabis horticulture. CHA is a resource center for growers seeking objective information on sustainable, ecological, regenerative and integrated pest management practices for cannabis. Growers that join will have access to range of horticultural knowledge assimilated for the cannabis industry. These include the use of biological controls, integrated pest management, integrated nutrient management and support for integrating ecological methodologies into gardens or farms.

Our member supported public portion of our site provides general information and a HORTICULTURAL BLOG on the latest topics related to cannabis horticultural science. We encourage all industry professionals and hobbyist growers to JOIN

Thank you for what you are doing! I very well could have lost my entire crop had it not been for your efforts. Keep up the great work!!

EcoLOGICAL Balance

Our research draws data from each of these fields to provide a well balanced perspective into cannabis horticulture.
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