Insect Identification


Insect Identification

from 6.99

CHA Insect ID is the quickest and most accurate form of insect identification for cannabis horticulture.

How it works: Simply purchase the service and we will send you a confirmation email. Then upload your images through the confirmation email and have us identify your pest or beneficial insect.

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Do you have an image of an insect you would like identified?

Our entomologist will help you identify your bug quickly!

Insect ID is available for only $6.99 USD, and usually provided within within 2-3 days max turnaround.

RUSH ID service is available for $19.99 and your photo will be identified in under 24 hours, usually within a 12 hours.

The Insect ID Service is for 1 insect only. If you would like more than one insect identified, please choose the proper quantity respective to the number of insects you would like identified.

Photo Quality Upload Requirements

Sending a good quality photo will greatly enhance the receiving entomologist’s capability to identify the insect. We’re not setting a precise resolution of size requirement, but we will offer some examples of acceptable and not acceptable photos. (CLICK ON A PHOTO FOR CLOSER LOOK)

Acceptable Photos

These photos show the insect close up and with clear resolution and will be able to be easily identified

Unnaceptable Photos

These photos are blurry, shaded and/or too far away and may not provide accurate identification

*Predatory Mite Identification

Predatory mites are generally impossible to identify, but provisional identification for specific cases, like those with special coloration, is possible. Magnification is required to see these mites; 90x is sufficient. A stereo microscope, or high-quality USB digital microscope, should be used for best results. We will do our best to provide correct identification for predatory mites, but please be advised that we may not be able to provide accurate identification and we do not offer refunds based on unidentifiable predator mites.