Plant Growth Regulators

Shilajit - An Ayurvedic Powerhouse

Shilajit - An Ayurvedic Powerhouse

Often times I get the question, “How do I prevent my plants from getting sick?”. The
answer is simple, and that is through plant immunity. In short, there are two primary
factors that contribute to plant immunity:
1. Adequate Mineral Nutrition
2. Having that nutrition delivered in the form of microbial metabolites...

One Bad Apple... Plant Growth Hormones and You. By: Luke A. Besmer

One Bad Apple... Plant Growth Hormones and You.  By: Luke A. Besmer

I am sure you’ve heard the old saying about how one bad apple spoils the bunch? Well it’s true, and of all things it’s due to a hormonal imbalance. Who’da thunk? So it turns out that in nature, the first ripe apple of the season drops to the ground and begins to decompose. During the decomposition process, the apple releases a gas called Ethylene. Ethylene is a Plant Growth Hormone (PGH) that triggers the nearby apples to fall to the ground and start the decomposition process. The sweet smell of all those decomposing apples attracts foraging animals who eat the apples and spread the seeds far and wide, often with a little fertilizer to boot (or conversely, to overwhelm scavengers so that some seeds are left undisturbed and able to safely germinate). Ethylene and other Plant Growth Hormones are vitally important to all aspects of plant growth and development, understanding them and their uses can improve any gardener’s yield.