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The Hempot™ is a transplantable propagation pot made completely out of hemp fiber. It’s materials and stitching are designed to be very sturdy during above ground usage but completely biodegradable upon transplanting. This pot is designed to be planted directly into the ground during transplanting. The unique woven fiber allows the plants roots to grow directly through the sidewalls upon contact. It’s adsorbent fiber will wick and store water, allowing the plants roots to not dry out too quickly upon transplanting, thus reducing shock. The fiber quickly breaks down to build soil organic matter. It has been designed and tested in Humboldt County, CA by iEarth, LLC.


Benefits include:

Breakdown of hempot after being buried for 4 weeks -Turning into rich humus

Breakdown of hempot after being buried for 4 weeks -Turning into rich humus

•Eliminates Transplant Shock

•Increases Water Holding Capacity

•Increases Microbial Activity

•Increases Organic Matter in Soil

•Biodegradable - Completely biodegrades within 1-2 months, depending on management practices (ie; adding enzymes or microorganisms to assist with organic matter breakdown)

•Clean Fiber - Our hemp fiber pots are sourced from European hemp that is pesticide and fungicide free. It in the stages of being OMRI certified. You have our assurance that no harmful chemicals will be added to your soil.

Photo of air pruning in hempot

Photo of air pruning in hempot

Air Pruning - They provide excellent air pruning, which promotes lateral root growth. Air-pruning also helps plants that are going to stay in their container long term. Being air-pruned will eliminate root circling, which will allow you to keep the plant in the aeration container longer.

To support ecological farming practices please visit and support: WWW.HEMPOT.WORLD

Product Spotlight - Grass Roots Grow Mats

Product Spotlight - Grass Roots Grow Mats

The CHA is happy to provide a spotlight on Grass Roots Grow Mats. They’re made from Hemp, which has been cultivated for fiber and food for over 10,000 years around the globe. The beautiful thing about Hemp is that it helps our planet and people throughout its entire life-cycle and then some! 

Grass Roots Grow Mats are now making hemp fiber grow plugs.  The CHA will be running experiments with them over the winter to determine the optimal parameters. Check out Grass Roots Grow Mats at: http://grassrootsgrowmats.com