Insecticides developed from elemental (mineral) sources mined from the earth are classified as natural products and often cost less than other processed or harvested insecticides. The toxicity of mineral-based insecticides depends on the chemical properties of the mined elements. Some mineral insecticides such as sulfur are registered for organic use and have relatively low toxic effects on people and non-target organisms. In contrast, lead arsenate is a natural mineral product that was cancelled as a pesticide in 1988 due to its toxicity and persistence in the environment. A PACIFIC NORTHWEST EXTENSION PUBLICATION • PNW649

diatamaceous earth

Target Pests

Aphids • Spider Mites • Fungus Gnats


potassium silicate.jpg

potassium silicate

Target Pests

Spider Mites • Aphids • Thrips • Whiteflies

elemental sulfur

Target Pests

Spider Mites • Russet Mites • Broad Mites