PATHOGEN management for CANNABIS

Plant disease management rely on anticipating occurrence of disease and attacking vulnerable points in the disease cycle (i.e., weak links in the infection chain). Therefore, correct diagnosis of a disease is necessary to identify the pathogen, which is the real target of any disease management program. A thorough understanding of the disease cycle, including climatic, biological and other environmental factors that influence the cycle, and cultural requirements of the host plant, are essential to effective management of any disease.

Pathogen management of cannabis relies more heavily on preventative measures.  Preventing overwatering and overfeeding, keeping the humidity levels controlled and proper biological balances will go a long way in preventing outbreaks.


Anthracnose - Aspergillus - Bacterial Blight - Black Mildew - Brown Blight -Brown Fleck Disease - Brown Leaf Spot - Charcoal Rot - Crown Gall - Damping Off -Downy Mildew - Fusarium Wilt - Gray Mold-  Hemp Mosaic Virus - Hemp Streak Virus -Leaf Rust Fungus - Olive Leaf Spot - Pepper Spot - Pink Spot - Powdery Mildew - Pythium - Root Rot - Stalk Cankers - Twig Blight - Verticillium Wilt - White Leaf Spot


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